Saturday, October 30, 2010


This was written by a family member.

"Our beloved Gretchen finally lost her fight with cancer on June 11, 2006. We hope she is now pain free, and surrounded by laughter, light, books, cats and chocolate. She will be missed by her family, by the friends she made in this life and by the many, many children she helped guide, shape and mold during her life as a teacher. God Speed, Gretchen. Rest in Peace."

The Semicolon Bookshelf 


MCarleo1 was the father of BookCrosser, SKingList .   He left this world on July 10, 2006.

MCarleo1 was spending his retirement seeking education by reading multitudes of books on genealogy and the Civil War.

He was a relatively new member, but had liked the idea since SKingList first introduced him.

The MCarleo1 Bookshelf 


 Freewaydog passed away in Spring, 2005. She was the mother of bookcrosser, Bibliophile2nth.

The Freewaydog Bookshelf 


Kuranes, a Bookcrosser from Austria, passed away on April 22, 2005. His Bookcrossing friends say that he was friendly and enjoyed the local meetings.

The Kuranes Bookshelf 


Zevenster was a new Dutch bookcrosser, who had recently attended his first meeting. I will let his friend, Jonkheer, tell you more about him. 

"He had a bookshelf created for him and bought a computer only two weeks ago. He told me he had quite a lot of books ready, and he planned to register his first book this very week. He was very excited and looked forward to a long bookcrossing life. It never came to that. He was my best friend for the past 26 years and without knowing the bookcrossing community, he was already the greatest bookcrosser a friend could have."

The Zevenster Bookshelf 


Hershey, 36, died in October, 2004. He was the son of our fellow BookCrosser, Solittletime . Hershey lived in Portland, Maine.

The Hershey Bookshelf 



Flipa, 40, of Kangasala, Pirkanmaa, Finland, died in a car accident on an icy road, on December 27, 2004. She was on her way home from her job at a bookstore when the accident occurred. She had spent most of the past 15 years at home, and she loved this new work with her beloved books. She had a MA and was a certified translator, but was not working in that field. Her main languages were Finnish, German, and Hungarian.

Flipa was a bookworm all of her life, and she had a register listing all of the books she had read since she was 12 years old. Some years, she read over 100 books, and in 2004, she had read 95.
I think that I will use a quote from her brother, BC'er Makari ,to tell a bit more about Flipa.

"Anna had a family, husband and three children (12, 10 and 6 years). Her sudden death was a big loss for them but also everyone of us, relatives, friends. Anna was a friendly, nice, uncomplicated person, maybe a little idealistic in a good way. I think that lately she was very happy for many things - she had a great family, a new job after years at home, their house was just renovated. . She lived a happy, but too short life. We miss Anna a lot."

The Flipa Bookshelf 

Dan Clune

Danny, of Sandpoint, Idaho, was the programmer for BookCrossing. He was a friendly, happy,enthusiastic guy, full of that joy that comes when you are living your life to the max.

His interests were far ranging, and included computers, surfing, Phish, snowboarding, and many other things.

You can read more about this fine young man at the web site maintained by his family, Find Danny .

The DClune Bookshelf

Friday, October 29, 2010


Moocgw was from Maryland, USA. He was an avid computer user and Chief Technologist for Prospect Technologies. He also had a monthly column in Sun World. 

In 2003, he was on the Board of Directors for the Santa Swim, a fund raiser for the Care and Share fund of Dorchester County, Maryland.

Moocgw's shelf is being maintained by his son, in his memory. 

I think Moocgw can be summed up in a message on his bookshelf. There, he told us that if we get a book from him, he hopes that in return, we would make a donation of any size, to any charity, in his name. Moocgw seems to have caught on to the important things in life.

The Moocgw Bookshelf 


Allistar, of Surrey, U.K., lost her battle with cancer in 2003, at the much too young age of 22.; Her family,  Whitestar and KarenTW, currently maintain her bookshelf, and are active bookcrossers.  If you get one of Alli's books, you may find a star between pages 22 and 23.
Alli was artistic and full of life and spirit. In honor of her life, her family commissioned a BookCrossing label for her, Alli on the Beach.

In 2004, Alli's family planted 300 trees for her inMoors Valley Park, in Dorset, England. The spot is unmarked, but it is near Potterne. Look for the stars in the trees.

The Allistar Bookshelf 


Rloeffle was one of our most prolific Bookcrossers. He lived in a remote area of Northern Saskatchewan, where books, newspapers, and magazines were not readily available. The nearest bookstore was 150 miles away.

Rloeffle believed that it was important for people to own books, and he gave away over 7,000 books through BookCrossing.

The Rloeffle Bookshelf