Thursday, November 4, 2010


On August 30, 2010, ResQgeek and his wife lost their beautiful, spirited 9 year old daughter, and Purplypup her beloved little sister,  when she was struck by a car while riding her bicycle.  Becky was not yet a very active member of BookCrossing, but she was eager to participate and loved books and reading (in spite of her mild learning disabilities).

Her BookCrossing screen name was N-R-Jyzer, which they chose because she was full of energy and just kept going and going and going..., just like the Energizer Bunny.  She was an outgoing and loving person, someone who never met a stranger and was always ready with a hug for anyone.  She charmed everyone, and even before August, I had heard BookCrossers who had met her in real life mention her joyous outlook and enchanting smile. 
She was born on Valentine's Day and her personality was shaped by that holiday.  Her favorite colors were red and pink, and hearts were her favorite shape.  Her tragic death has left a huge hole in her family's lives and in our BookCrossing  community.
In honor of Becky and her love of hugs, her family has started a Facebook page called Becky's Hugs, a place to share your hug stories.  They ask that we honor her memory by, well, I can't say it as well as her family, so with their permission, I will just copy what they wrote.

"As a living memorial to her love and life, her family is asking people to "Live her love by sharing Becky's hugs". This page is dedicated to promoting this effort and to sharing stories of how Becky's love continues to spread through the sharing of her hugs. Post your stories about Becky's life and/or how you've lived her love by sharing her hugs or how her love lives on in and through you."