Friday, October 29, 2010


Moocgw was from Maryland, USA. He was an avid computer user and Chief Technologist for Prospect Technologies. He also had a monthly column in Sun World. 

In 2003, he was on the Board of Directors for the Santa Swim, a fund raiser for the Care and Share fund of Dorchester County, Maryland.

Moocgw's shelf is being maintained by his son, in his memory. 

I think Moocgw can be summed up in a message on his bookshelf. There, he told us that if we get a book from him, he hopes that in return, we would make a donation of any size, to any charity, in his name. Moocgw seems to have caught on to the important things in life.

The Moocgw Bookshelf 


Allistar, of Surrey, U.K., lost her battle with cancer in 2003, at the much too young age of 22.; Her family,  Whitestar and KarenTW, currently maintain her bookshelf, and are active bookcrossers.  If you get one of Alli's books, you may find a star between pages 22 and 23.
Alli was artistic and full of life and spirit. In honor of her life, her family commissioned a BookCrossing label for her, Alli on the Beach.

In 2004, Alli's family planted 300 trees for her inMoors Valley Park, in Dorset, England. The spot is unmarked, but it is near Potterne. Look for the stars in the trees.

The Allistar Bookshelf 


Rloeffle was one of our most prolific Bookcrossers. He lived in a remote area of Northern Saskatchewan, where books, newspapers, and magazines were not readily available. The nearest bookstore was 150 miles away.

Rloeffle believed that it was important for people to own books, and he gave away over 7,000 books through BookCrossing.

The Rloeffle Bookshelf