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Bookcloud joined BC in 2007, thanks to her sister MadMadge.  She passed after a brief illness on May 30, 2012.   Since no one knew her as well as her sister, I'll let Madmadge share her with us.

" My sister Bookcloud (Sue) passed away on 30th May 2011 suddenly and unexpectedly.  She was much younger than me by 12 years so it was a huge shock to me and the rest of the family.  Bookcloud had many interests and many friends. 

                We didn’t always share the same reading interests, but she and I were reading our way through the Peter James’ ‘Roy Grace’ series.  When I e-mailed him to tell him of her passing he replied almost immediately with his condolences.  She loved her books and she has very many on her shelves that she never got around to registering.

                She had lately been undergoing some painful surgery on her feet.  Bookcloud was born with bilateral talipes (otherwise known as club foot), which was operated on when she was a tiny baby.  However, that surgery had broken down and she needed further work to enable her to walk without pain.  She was so brave, despite all the problems she encountered, and was so looking forward to being able to walk normally again.  

                She was a member of a special site which catered for people all over the world suffering from talipes and was in touch with many of them.  She had also campaigned in this country to have the condition recognized by the Department of Work and Pensions as a debilitating condition which warranted a disablement benefit and had heard, only 24 hours before she died, that she had achieved that recognition.

                While recovering from her surgery and being unable to work, Bookcloud had become involved with a wonderful place called Cherry Tree Nursery (otherwise known as SWOP – Sheltered Work Opportunities Project) and worked as a volunteer.  Cherry Tree has been a great benefit to people suffering from mental illness.  Here is a link to the site:  http://www.cherrytreenursery.org.uk/

                I miss my sister very much.  She was always there for me and the rest of the family if any of us needed her.  She had a great passion for life, despite her physical problems, and lived it to the fullest
                 She was especially fond of her grandson Ethan and had been collecting Michael Morpurgo books for him so it is good to know that he can read them in her memory.  She loved to read to him and he loved the ritual of the bedtime story.  She was a strong believer in introducing books to children as soon as possible.

                Rest in Peace Sue.  You will never be forgotten."

And I second that.  Thank you so much for sharing Sue with us.

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