Thursday, August 30, 2012


Notice the shirt!  Dunzy left us in August, 2012 and left behind many BookCrossing fans who will miss his wit and love of life.  He was one of the early members, having been here almost 10 years.

In reading through the forums, all of the posts about him mentioned his wit and intelligence.  He loved books and great literature and delighted in sharing and discussing both.   The list of his books on his BC bookshelf is impressive.

Jessibud was telling  a story about a running joke between the two of them.  In earlier BC days, there was a leaderboard of forum posts.  He would PM her and tell her their standings on the leaderboard.  They kept up this mythical race until the leader board vanished.

He spent most of his BC time over in the Book Talk forum.  I understand that he was quite active in the Discuss That Quote thread.
PaperbackPal said, "He made the world a better place and made millions smile. I hope there's James Joyce and lots of poetry wherever he is!"  I second that.

The Dunzy Bookshelf

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  1. Dunzy was also a very generous spirit. We sometimes exchanged books through the mail and occasionally, there was a surprise in the package when his book arrived.

    His sense of humour was also legendary, not only in his forum posts, but also in the PMs we exchanged. Many of his book journal entries can attest to this as well. It was great reading, just going through some of those comments!

    Dunzy's absence will leave a huge hole in our hearts. RIP, my friend