Sunday, June 26, 2011


I didn't know Killimengri, so I asked her fellow Irish BookCrosser, Sirroy, to share his thoughts on her.

From Sirroy:  "Our friend Killi was unique. In her own words she said she was a "mad smallholder living on a mountain, miles from anywhere".  She had a small holding with chickens, ducks, geese, horses, ferrets, cats & dogs. She described herself as an occasional artist & designer.

 Killi had three children, one married, one engaged and one living with her who was a truly remarkable and beautiful young lady.

Killi (real name Suzye) had a traumatic and difficult life. She had hemiplegia. She shared stories that would make you shake your head and wonder what was the world coming to. She never complained about any of it.  Her humility and gentle nature shone through everything she wrote.  If support or advice was needed she never let a Facebook, Livejournal or Yahoo post go without a comment or a piece of advice.

Killi was not terribly active in Bookcrossing but somehow she hooked up with the Irish Bookcrossing Group on Yahoo where I think she felt safe amongst friends and kindred spirits. Memorably she joined us on an outing to Cork in February 2007.

Because of her remoteness and lack of basics like TV and electricity it was not unusual not to hear from Killi from time to time.  It was therefore the most enormous shock to us all when we went to post on her Facebook page on her birthday in March to discover that she had died in a house fire on 17th January 2011, only hours after she had posted about going to feed her beloved horses."

Wren again.  From the things I've read and heard about her, I can tell that she was a special person and is greatly missed.

The Killimengri Bookshelf

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