Monday, January 30, 2012


Joseki passed away in January, 2012.  Unfortunately, I didn't know Joseki very well.  We had talked on the forums, of course, but I didn't really know him well enough to write something special enough.   So, I turned to our friend, Miketroll, for his thoughts.

"To my regret, I never met Matthew in real life, but his online presence always made me think of him as a friend. He loved to share a joke, but even more than that he was passionate about building a better world. He was enormously intelligent and knowledgeable, happy to talk about life, politics, science, religion with anyone, and always showed respect for others, never treating them with anything less than kindness.

Matthew was a wonderful man. He is greatly missed on the Bookcrossing forum and by his Facebook friends."

Thank you Mike.  I'm sorry that I didn't know him better.

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